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A gypsy tear of laughter in the eye of the world. This circus/street theater show is for indoor and outdoor, day or night , for all public , ages ,races and all genders. Two childhood gypsy friends invite the public to help them settle their traveller home and hearts in the streets or theatre of your town.


They invite you to participate in an absourd mix of humor ,circus acrobatics and visual poetry.
all brought to life by the captivating music of a cello.


All of these elements ,bring the public to empathise with the clumpsy and warmheartedness of Domichovsky and Agranov.

Pain and joy in a thin balance on the blade of a knife.

A roleplay in constant transformation when the knife create music and the music cuts into our souls making us remember that in lifelong friendship …anything can happen. The everyday rituals of culture and music build the base for this show where asking for forgiveness, for rain or sun, for a life of adventure. With delicacy and elegance we invite you to take part in our gypsy dreams. A beautiful home on the streets of the world.


A home of music , art and friendship … you are all invited

GENDER: Circus        LENGHT: 50 minutes         AUDIENCE: All Audiences

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