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BORDERLINE - Cirque Entre Nous

Four characters who have nothing to lose because they have lost everything. They no longer have their reference points and are forced to set new milestones in this scenic adventure that is the theater of life. They explore the infinite and complex richness of human relationships within a disoriented society, challenging the limits of their emotional states and playing with physical risk.

The events seem to overwhelm them, but at the same time everything is of formidable precision. The actions will occur through unexpected changes of space that involve the viewer as a participant in the drama, the scenes merge and use the urban landscape, the set is the world.

The artists of the Entre Nous collective give shape to a chiseled circus-theater, which walks the tenuous path between fiction and reality, between the poetic unforeseen and physical contingency.

As usual, Entre Nous offers a very high-level circus at the service of the show. Laughter, always present, will make us travel in this deep tragedy that shows us authentic and unfiltered human beings. In short, a reflection of the best and worst of ourselves.

GENDER: Circus  DURATION: 60 minutes  PUBLIC:+8


・ Artists: Héloïse Bourgeois, Jérémias Faganel, Matias Plaul and Alejandro Dutra                       
・ Direction and staging: Florent Bergal                                                                                                 
・ Composition and live music: Alejandro Dutra                        

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