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RICKY The tennis teacher



Ricky is: a middle-aged man, blond, handsome, tall ... or well, not so much ...

Ricky is: an agile, fast, skillful, strong athlete ... or well, he has strength ...

Ricky is: a crazy, spontaneous, resourceful, fun tennis teacher ... well ...


Acclaimed by critics and audiences in the 1980s, Ricky was an elite, successful athlete: Wimbeldon, Open USA ... there was no tournament to resist him. But one fine day, an unfortunate anti-doping test ended his career.

Since then, Ricky never managed to regain his popularity and that is why now, in the midst of the crisis of the forties, Ricky, takes to the streets to try to demonstrate that his talent and his great abilities (both on and off the track) continue intact.

Ricky is now a very private tennis teacher who offers tennis master classes wherever the audience wants to pay a little attention, which he will try to capture at all costs using his great sense of humor and different circus techniques such as juggling, balance on curlers or the handstand on chairs. All this to try to get the public to

love as much as he has always wanted his sport:


GENDER: Humor, Theater and Circus        LENGHT: 45 minutes        AUDIENCES: All audiences

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