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SPUTNIKS CIA - 4 Parets i u n sostre


La maison est fait de cuatro muros te de un toit...

"Four walls and a roof" highlights the incoherence rooted in our daily lives.

Multidisciplinary circus, theater and puppet show, where we speak from the experience of years traveling to refugee camps: European hypocrisy, wanting to change the world, and the situation in which millions of people find themselves without shelter.

Migration crisis and reception crisis.

GENDER: Circus       DURATION: 45 minutes      PUBLIC: For the whole family (special focus on young people)

The project

The "4 walls and a roof" project, as we said, was born as a result of years making different expeditions to neighborhoods, conflict borders and refugee camps around the world. In all of them, the circus was our tool to communicate and generate small moments of transformation of reality.

We wanted to explain the situation in which Europe finds itself regarding the migratory and reception crises.

The project has:

  • The show, for all audiences, with special focus on young people.

  • Circus and Awareness Workshops to young people regarding migration and reception crises.

  • The exhibition, where we show photographs, descriptions and writings of these expeditions, plus a compilation of drawings and reflections taken from the workshops with young people.

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