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In an open-air space, three chinesse. pole, some messy chairs, some instruments and background music that invites us to meet. Five artists are arriving one by one, their personalities invade the place, they look into each other's eyes, they smile, they prepare, the lines of the map of their lives bring them to this place today, they interact with the public, they speak, they laugh, they they tell stories, sing some song. The atmosphere is simple, relaxed, complicit.

The five friends get closer, the music invades the space, the movement, the complicity and the three masts in the scene give life to this three-dimensional encounter, where the horizontal and the vertical merge and form a unique space.

Entre Nous… is a show of encounters, company, support, nostalgia, humor, live music and dizzying acrobatics. A call to shout and laugh at the need to look at each other and share this moment together from the first to the last minute.

GENDER: Circus     LENGHT: 40 minutes      AUDIENCE: All audiences      DOSIER:               TECHNICAL:

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